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Working for Social Justice 

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression.

Isaiah 1:17

Social Justice and Reconciliation Resources

Grace Forum – Community Centered Conversations


On February 27th, Grace Church Brooklyn Heights hosted Rev. Yolanda Johnson-Peterkin for our Grace Forum. Rev. Johnson-Peterkin is an ordained minister in the United Missionary Baptist Church (UMBC). She also works as the Chief of Housing and Community Activities for the New York City Housing Authority, reunifying formerly incarcerated people with their families.


Social Justice & Reconciliation Fall 2021 Discussion Group


With the increased news coverage calling for the closure of Rikers Island, our Social Justice and Reconciliation Ministry will begin a journey exploring the current conditions at the detention complex. Taking an historical approach, we’ll compare the concerns raised fifty years ago by inmates at the Attica Correctional Facility before the 1971 prison uprising. We’ll examine the broader implications for better policing and criminal justice reform. The materials are available here. Please be advised that the content includes graphic images and accounts of violence. We will gather in December for conversation and discussion. To join or for more information, please email Rev. Leandra Lisa Lambert at

Sermon for Ahmaud Arbery (May 10, 2020), The Rev. Deacon Catherine Wieczorek

To find the link to the Sermon for Ahmaud Arbery, click here.

“13th Documentary”

Award-winning documentary by Ava Duvernay. An excellent and accessible overview of the U.S. justice system and the legacy of slavery and racism beginning with the adoption of the 13th Amendment. You can watch it here.

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“Reading for Righteousness” Summer Reading List


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